TopHouse is a Montana based trio inspired by the likes of Folk, Irish, and Popular music. Hailing from Missoula, the group has grown up in the embrace of the city's music scene which welcomes all types of music from all walks of life. From the very beginning, the impetus has always been the music.

From its humble origins in a parking garage, TopHouse has embraced a simple perspective; be honest with the music. What we offer isn't lasers and fog machines (although that might be pretty cool someday). We offer music that reminds us we have a pulse, and that life is too short to waste. We offer ourselves, and we think you'll like us.

Jesse Davis

Guitarist, Mandolinist, Vocalist, Songwriter

Growing up, classic rock was a major influence in my life. With the likes of Black Sabbath, The Eagles, Bob Seger, Queen, Lynard Skynard, Def Leppard, and countless others filling my repertoire as a young guitarist, my parents must've thought it only a matter of time before I'd start letting my hair grow ragged and covering my body with tatoos. Such was not the case however. As my study of the guitar progressed, I found myself entranced by the feeling of having my ear perched just near the soundhole, and my body pressed tightly against the warmly resonant body of an acoustic guitar. That feeling alone was all the drugs, sex, and rock n' roll I'd needed to push me into a life of music.

Joseph Larson

Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Banjo, Piano, Songwriter

At the age of 6, my parents started me in piano lessons and bought me a guitar. With the progression of age (and skill), playing music slowly transformed from a hobby into a passion. As my musical tastes through the years wandered between hard rock, blues, gospel, southern rock, metal, bluegrass, and folk, I determined there was no way music could be just a hobby for me. To me, music is an intangible way to connect people that have nothing in common, to convey emotion, a message, or just a vague feeling. Music can be an indescribable representation of who an individual is, and I hope to share it with others for as long as I can.

William Cook

Violinist/Fiddler, Electric Violinist, Vocalist, Songwriter

I started playing violin in my hometown of Butte, MT when I was 10. As I grew older I realized my real musical passion lied both in classical music and in improvisational music. During and after I completed my studies in Missoula, MT I played in a lot of bands, symphonies, quartets, and worship bands. TopHouse is my favorite though because we are always innovating, challenging ourselves, and, most importantly, striving to create beauty for ourselves and others.

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