The music. These albums and EPs are the product of a whole lotta time and work*, and we are incredibly grateful that you're here listening and supporting. Every song you hear by us was written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered 100% by us. Y'all enjoy. 


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Campfire Stories


Our latest EP, Campfire Stories is just that: a collection of 6 "stories" that we four Montana kids think would be cool to tell around a campfire. 

The Irish EP


We've always had a soft spot for Irish Music, so at the beginning of 2022 we decided to release this short EP with some of our favorites. Because we are creative geniuses, we decided to name it "The Irish EP."



When we moved to Nashville at the very end of 2019, we lived in a tiny 400 square foot Airbnb for 6 months, and wrote this album. To us, it felt like a little "snapshot" in time that we wanted to remember.

Hopes & Fears


Our first full-length album, Hopes & Fears captures a lot of the feelings we had when we decided to chase music full-time. 

Middle of Somewhere


The EP that started it all. We recorded Middle of Somewhere in a garage full of cats in Missoula MT.